Paul Oakley

Paul Oakley is a Chartered Architect and a world leading expert in BIM. He heads the BIM Division in BRE where he is responsible for the technical delivery of the BRE Academy BIM training, the BIM certification schemes delivered under the BRE Certification mark and BIM research projects. Paul sits on the Board of BuildingSMART UK & Ireland and leads the operational activities for the chapter under the secretariat role provided by BRE.

Paul has over 25 years’ experience and is specialised in the delivery of large Residential projects using the principles of Avanti embodied in BS1192:2007. He has driven change through several large Architectural practices by implementing BS1192:2007 and more recently PAS 1192-2:2013 as Project Team Leader, Group CAD Manager and Consultant. Paul has been involved in many industry CAD / BIM initiatives from Teamwork 2000, Avanti, ADT Community group and the BIM Community as well as sitting on CPIC guidance committees for Uniclass classification and the BS1192:2007 guidance document as well as representing the RIBA on the CIC BIM Forum.

Paul sits on various BSI Committees including BS1192:2007, PAS 1192-2, BS 8541 Parts 1 to 4, and ISO 19650. He has also been involved in various research projects involving BIM and the built environment including: BRECOBie (Construction Operations Building information exchange), RegBIM, C4C – Clouds for Coordination, Espresso and BAMB (Buildings as Material Banks).