Rebecca De Cicco

Rebecca has always had a keen interest in digital technologies and how they can radically change the way we work and interact in the Built Environment. Having studied and been employed in Australia as an Architect the basis for her experience always involved managing and training teams to utilise technology and interact with those ready and willing for change to enable a more efficient workflow.

Rebecca lived in the UK for almost 10 years and following a series of successful senior roles in varied architectural organisations, Rebecca now manages her own consultancy, Digital Node, providing advice and insight to construction professionals globally on advanced digital solutions on projects as well as implementation and management processes. It is with this knowledge that she is able to communicate, train and manage teams in a BIM environment as well as ensure her knowledge is spread throughout the industry within education and non for profit groups.

Rebecca supports Building Smart globally, sits on the Autodesk Developer Network and Expert Elite groups and works with the UK BIM Alliance and BIM Regions to help industry upskill. As Chair of Women in BIM, she is a strong advocate for diversity and works with higher education by tutoring and lecturing both undergraduate and postgraduate students in BIM and Construction Management. Rebecca is also a fellow of the CIOB and offers support and training to the likes of CIOB and other institutions in the BIM space. Her interest in training and upskilling also involved a strong social media presence for herself (@becdecicco), her organisation (@digital_node) and finally her diversity group (@WomeninBIM).

Rebecca De Cicco has worked in the Construction sector for close to 15 years. Having originally studied and worked in Australia she found success in her early years. This consisted of working for leading Architectural practices before relocating to London. As an advocate for digital technologies and how these technologies can shape and support the way we design and construct assets she had a desire to grow her own consultancy and started this initiative by the formation of 'Conceptual Node' a digital design consultancy based in Australia in 2001. Conceptual Node supported clients in the way they used technologies to support productivity, from contractors to designers. If not for her keen interest to travel she would have undoubtedly grown a strong business in Australia.

When in London Rebecca was employed for a variety of leading Architectural firms, making her way into senior positions as she moved from each firm over the space of six years. Having a keen interest in BIM and the drive toward implementing BIM in the UK she grew her knowledge further and was invited to join a number of leading industry groups such as the BIM Task Group and building Smart amongst others. Because of her growing knowledge and interest Rebecca regularly contributes to the AEC sector by speaking at BIM conferences and events throughout the UK and globally from 2011 through to today. Her keen interest in BIM led her to naturally evolve her original business, and create 'Digital Node' a BIM consultancy focused on the AEC sector which supports the built environment in their uptake and knowledge of BIM in the context of the UK construction industry. Digital Node now operates across the world with clients in Canada, the UK and Australia and Rebecca spends her time travelling between each region to support her client base and projects globally.