A construction project, such as house renovation, can be a bit pricey. It can blow your budget if you don’t plan it well. The good news is, there are several ways you can use to lower the cost.

Cheapest cost doesn’t always work

The lowest price doesn’t always mean the best deal. Everything comes with a price. If you want the best work, you should pay for it.

Avoid paying up front

Paying the construction work in installment will force the contractor to come back and complete the job. Avoid paying upfront because it will give more reasons for the contractor to just receive the money and ignore the work.

Consider working on colder season

Summer is usually the peak season for construction. People tend to renovate their house during the summer because it is easier and faster to get the work done during the summer than winter. However, it also means you should pay more to get a contractor since the demand is unbelievably high. In order to save money, you can hire them on colder season.

Get the demo done by yourself

Save your money on the demo by doing the job by yourself. Get yourself a sledge hammer, crush the wall, and you can save a lot of money.

Buy things yourself

Some contractors may charge you if you want them to buy furnishings and fixtures for the construction. To help save your money, consider buying these things on your own.

Refinish your cabinets yourself

Purchasing new cabinets can be very expensive. Therefore, to reduce the cost, try refinishing the cabinets. This way you don’t have to purchase the new ones and can still get the new, astonishing look.

Change the hardware

You can further reduce the construction cost by changing as many hardware as possible by yourself. For example, instead of asking the contractor to replace your water faucet, you can replace it by yourself. It may be a simple task, but it will help you reduce the construction cost and time.

Bamboo is nice

Bamboo is a nice alternative to replace hardwood. It has better quality and sustainability than most hardwoods. It is also quite easy to install and affordable, which makes it a very interesting option for your house renovation.


That’s it. As long as you follow the above steps, you can save your money during a reconstruction project. No one knows when you will need that project done, so it is always important to perform a regular maintenance on your house. This way, even if there is a problem somewhere in your house, you can spot and fix it immediately. It shouldn’t be a problem though if you live in a condo. If you live in Singapore, you can find the best and new condo at Prestige Condo, the one-stop place for the best condos in Singapore.


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